Friday, October 22, 2010

Met with the Plastic Doctor

Just a quick update on THE SCHEDULE.  We met with the plastic surgeon yesterday for the BIG as two hours in the waiting room, five minutes of looking at Jonah and ten minutes discussing our plan of action. 

At the consult, the Doc gave the option of fixing the palate first since Jonah has started speaking. From what he said the lip is basically cosmetic, but it's typcially done first.  Also, if the palate is fixed first the ear tubes will start immediately doing their job to stop the chronic ear infections. And, one other thing, it may make the lip repair smoother.  So, he asks about three times which we'd prefer...uh...let me think...THE PALATE! 

He's already learning to say so much, so I'm super excited to think how much he'll improve in the months after the surgery.  I still don't know the exact timing, but it could be as quick as 4 weeks out. 

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  1. Woohoo! Fabulous! So excited for Jonah and the rest of you!!!! Good job momma!