Saturday, October 30, 2010

Teach them to VOTE

Today we went and fulfilled our civic duty at the polls.  At first, my hubby wanted to take turns watching the kids at home.  I gave that a big negative.  Teaching kids civic responsibility begins with us.  What better way to instill excitement about their future part in our democracy than showing them? On the way to the voting site, I explained that in America we get a choice in who runs the country.  That this occurs by voting.  And, how we should be proud to be a part of this.

Rallied and in good spirits, Kayla watched me sign in, she had me lift her up so she could see that I bubbled in my choices, and she stared as I guided the ballot into the scan machine.  Then, she proudly put a "I early Voted" sticker on her shirt just like Mommy.  We took a picture outside to mark the event.

Once we were back into the car after our teaching moment, I asked Kayla what she thought about her first real experience with voting.  There was a small hesitation...then Kayla proclaimed " that was good,  but now can we go BOAT?"

...Uh yeah, okay, well best laid plans...we headed over to Huddle House to celebrate anyway. :-)

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