Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adoption Day

Adoption day is the formal closure of the paperwork to make Jonah part of our clan forever.  First we headed back to the CCAA for the interview where we promised to never abandon him, give him good medical care, etc.  The two nannies that we met the day before were there and seemed happy with his demeanor and appearance.  One of them (I believe she's the head caregiver) gave us her e-mail to send pictures.  They both seemed to genuinely care about Baole and his future.  I can't wait to send them post operation photos.  (Also, he was wearing some oversized Nike sandals that they got a kick out of.) 

Next, we headed to the Notary office housed in a non-descript government building.  A 20-something notary with low hanging pigtails asked a few trivia questions to make sure we were who we said (ie year we were married, our occupations, etc.).  We then signed in four places on documents written completely in Chinese and put a red thumbprint on top of each signature.  Next it was Jonah's turn to stamp his right foot on the page in red (it barely fit inside the box) to show his approval.  Then we were done.

Kayla and the grandparents stayed back at the hotel swimming pool since it was a long morning full of offices and waiting. 

We celebrated with chinese takeout on our return.

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