Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting to Hong Kong

We debated about taking the train from Guangzhou (for fun, only saved a small amount of cash) or the chartered mini van (recommended by the agency).   In the end our sense of adventure won out and we took the train.  All of us were very glad we did.  That being said, our guide Amy was a tremendous help and our experience would have been much more chaotic if it had not been for her.

*Some of the following detail is for AP's who may be reading/travelling soon, so bear with me.*

We all rode together to pick up Jonah's visa and then headed straight for the East Railway Train station which was just around the corner.  There's the infamous Asian Games construction going on, so where we were dropped off was ugly and would have been hard to find our way alone.  Luckily, Amy had arranged for a porter to meet our van and carry the bags we were checking (for a small fee--well worth it), and lead us through security, immigration, and to our gate.  She got us that far and we said our goodbyes.   

Our in-China guides were super helpful again this time in China and I can't say enough good about them.

The train ride was quick and fun.  It took just under 2 hours to get to Hong Kong. There was plenty of room to move around. I do wish I had thought to request the seats with a table when we purchased the tickets at the concierge, but the train wasn't full so no biggie. 

There were squatty potties as needed before you enter the HK district where they are locked.  Apparently, they have issues with the *litter* dropping on the track.  

The train station there was simple to navigate, reclaim our bags, and exchange some money.  We took the "red" taxis to the airport hotel (for about $200HK). 

Six Thumbs up on taking the train!

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