Sunday, August 15, 2010

Gotcha Day

Amazing.  This time around could not be more different.  There's only one other family with us from our agency in Nanning. The waiting room actually had furniture AND toys. The nannies stayed in the room at least 30 minutes transitioning Jonah Baole to us.  They had shown him the pictures of our family that we sent in a care package and he loves carrying it around pointing us out. I think that made a huge difference in him coming to us without fear.  He hasn't cried yet and he slept through the night (I'm not counting on that to stay that way, but a Mom can hope.) 

Kayla adores him and immediately started helping by giving him toys, cheerios and water.  She even got a tissue and wiped some drool off his mouth. 

We're still figuring out the feeding. He's kind of a bottomless pit with almost anything solid, but he doesn't drink much formula -- which you think that's pretty normal for a 2 year old, except it's the opposite of the "current" care plan we were given. We'll just take cues from him on this.

We got his size wrong.  Jonah is swimming in 2T.  We'll have to get a few things for him while we're here and then hit the stores for 18 months when we're home.

He is a little chatter box.  Whatever he's saying usually makes the chinese people around us laugh and say he's cute.  We're using a mixture of bad Mandarin, signs, and short English words to communicate to him.  He's pointing, grunting, and throwing to communicate with us.  We're calling him by a variety of names Jonah Baole or Jonah Le Le or just Le Le.  The best I can write out the pronunciation is Bow Luh, with the emphasis on Luh.  Every now and then I can tell when I say it right because he looks my way.
He's super active-- running, jumping, and trying to climb. He's super smart--already picked up the word car and put a used piece of tissue in the trashcan.  He's a little mischievous-- throws a toy one way for me to fetch while he runs to explore the light socket.  I know all the *supers* overdo it, but I was completely prepared to arrive to find a child that was far behind in his development.  Instead we have an active, smart, sweet little boy.  He's already made it quite clear he likes Mommy's hugs and kisses.

We're told the nanny's loved his personality and spoiled him a bit.  I have to agree with them, he is adorable.


  1. Crying here, too...he is ADORABLE. And btw - Hannah never did drink as much formulas as they guess is that solids weren't offered as prolifically as we do. :) We can't wait for our first playdate!!

  2. He is adorable. Congratulations!! I am so glad to hear all is going so well. I am sure it helps to have a big sister around too.

  3. So, so happy for you all. I copied the first picture and put it on LBA drive. Sent a link to everyone in the office. He is so cute. Hope things continue to go smoothly.

  4. OH Shannon, he is just beautiful! I am so, so happy for you, Bobby and Kayla! Can't wait to meet him!!!

    Donna and Catherine

  5. I am so excited for you! I am happy to hear that things are going so well. Jonah is precious!

  6. A beautiful post and so glad you have your son!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy