Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nanning Zoo

We spent a sweltering morning at the zoo.  The two shows were fun to watch because they were scary, dangerous and lacked any of the common safety apparatus we'd see in the states.  For example the acrobats used a two-story tall triple hamster wheel to perform on with only old mattresses beneath them for precaution.  They were my favorite part.  A close second was the bear leading the pack of monkey's riding bikes in a circle around the ring.

Jonah "Le Le" is still doing great.  He's got a delightful personality although if we do something he doesn't like he'll let us know with a hit, attempted bite, or toddler scream.  This is mostly if we take something away or if we're trying to clean stuck food out of his cleft. 

Speaking of food, he still  eats like he has a hollow leg.  He fights with me to use the spoon himself, but until we're home in a high chair, this is not something I'm going to give in on.  I do let him play with it afterwards with an empty bowl.  He adores muffins and I do let him dig into that face first.

Kayla is experiencing some difficulty sharing the kingdom.  She's confused between whether she wants to be the baby, the mommy,  or a grown-up.  Notice just being a kid is not an option for her.  My patience wears thin by the end of the day... but sleep seems to help us all.

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