Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Medical Exam...A glimpse into the past

First stop, weight
The medical exam is done as part of the immigration procedures.  Last time the exam involved height, weight, squeaking a ball to check hearing, and a quick overview of the body.  Since we're under Hague rules this time, it also included getting all remaining vaccinations at this time and a TB test as well.

Now, while I would not have chosen to have five shots administered to my new addition less than a week from having him join our family, I undersand this is just something we had to do to bring our baby home and expected it wouldn't be pretty.   

What I did not expect was for our happy go lucky child to start screaming his head off the minute he even saw a nurse.  They had to peel him off of me just to get a weight check.     Nothing we tried worked to distract him.  His prior memories of nurses from the surgery must be burned into his brain and judging from his reaction can't be good.

And as for the shots, I held him tight and again cried like a baby with him.  Bobby petted both of us.  (Hey, I've come a long way from passing out at the sight of a needle).

I guess this really should be entitled a glimpse into the future since he has we have quite the road ahead of us. 


  1. Bless his heart... I'm glad he had you guys to love and hug.

  2. Aw, poor little guy! So glad he had the safety and love of his mommas arms to soothe him!


  3. We know just what you mean about the screaming!!
    You are so close to coming home, seems like time passes so quickly once you have your little one in your arms!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy