Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not your typical day at the Museum

Sunday started out simply enough-- get on a bus and head to the museum with the group to have something to do outside the hotel.  (My parents wisely chose to go it alone by taxi to White Cloud Mt park instead). 

Note, the city of Guangzhou has been under constant face lift construction for the last three years in preparation of the Asian Games. Think Olympic City grandeur.

Also note, if I could have a do over for the morning, I would have fought with Kayla over her choice of shoes.  She wanted the pink fancy shoes and I wanted the sneakers. It's just a museum though, right?

So ten steps from where the bus dropped us off, Kayla innocently brushes the underside of a slightly leaning metal construction barricade with the top of her foot.  I didn't see it, I just turned around to the Owwwweeeee and saw the blood pouring from the exposed top of her foot.  Band aids, wipes, and tissues started flying at us from every direction from other parents.  When the bleeding wasn't stopping, our guide called the bus back, wrote down the place for the Canadian Clinic (5th floor of the Garden Hotel for those traveling), and sent us on our way while she called ahead to let them know we were on our way.  Kayla was doing okay at this point and the bleeding was stopped as long as we kept pressure on. 

The bus driver must not have been paying attention because he took us back to our hotel instead of the the clinic hotel.  A quick flash of our guides note and we were on our way to the right place.  By the way, Jonah is with us and not feeling himself because of the vaccinations the day before.  I'll catch you up on that disaster later.

Finally at the clinic, we're ushered into a typical exam room and the doctor and nurse take a look.  The bone is slightly exposed and needed stitches.  She started talking about the hospital and I got on the panda phone with our guide.  It turned out we could do the procedure in the office.  We were hoping to be on their accepted insurance plan, unfortunately, we ended up self pay.  Oh well, we'll deal with that later. 

As for the procedure itself, have you heard the Alan Jackson song where the dentist started drilling before it was numb? Some beach, somewhere.  Anyway at the end of fixing her up, they smeared on some Chinese herbs (at the western clinic...hmmmm).  These seem to have done the trick though as on our follow up visit Monday, the wound was looking much better and we don't go back until Thursday for the next look.

Kayla's doing fine now and just milking it for all the attention she can get.  Gotta luv that kid.
Recovering at the hotel with noodles and Dora the Explorer in bed.
One other important thing to note is that while in hindsight I'm writing this rather light heartedly, at the time it rated top of my all time list for how to scare.the.beegezus.out.of.your.mama moments. Bobby had to hold her still while I tried to shield her from seeing what was going on with one hand, holding Jonah on my lap with the other, and cried like a baby the whole time. 

Dynasty white wine (China) helped my nerves at the day's end.


  1. Oh my! Poor Kayla. Poor Mommy too! Many prayers! We all can't wait to see you. When are you coming home!!???

    Donna and Catherine

  2. Sorry for such a bad day. We are sending prayers your way.

  3. I am catching up on your posts, what a day you had!! I am sure being back at your hotel room was a welcomed relief!! Give everyone lots of hugs! (and another glass of that FINE wine!).

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  4. oh yikes! That must have been a nightmare. Glad she is doing better. Kids recover so fast!!