Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Oath

No pictures were allowed, but today was the Oath day where we swore everything we provided was true, accurate, and whatever else we repeated.  It was the only day we actually had to present ourselves to prove we are who our paperwork said we are.  There were 33 families completing adoptions that took the oath at the same time. 

Jonah was a cutie.  During the swearing, he also raised his right hand for awhile.  Then he started high fiving me and Bobby...that's when I lost track of what I was repeating. 

Kayla's doing fine and spent the day at the zoo with her grandparents.  They were very impressed with the size and how modern this zoo was. 

Visa pickup is tomorrow and then we head to HK. 

I'll have more pictures to post tomorrow.  Thanks for hanging around :-)

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  1. Glad everything went well and that you are coming home soon. Can't wait to see the whole family.